Monday, November 22, 2010

Cranny Yarn Christmas Tree Giveaway!

Today is the day of great giveaways!

Check out skB's giveaway here for a chance to win three (3!) Cranny yarn Christmas trees!

Aren't they wonderful?

Ork Poster Giveaway at Forty Twenty Four!

My friends Micah and Catherine have an awesome blog about their journey through getting married and building their own house in Seattle. They have great design sense and a great blog! They've just recently started doing giveaways, and this week they are giving away an Ork poster of your choosing!

I would choose the Rainy Day Blueprint of Seattle!

Visit their blog, Forty Twenty Four to enter! Make sure you post it on your blog so your friends can enter, too! Take a look around while you're there, you'll love it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm in love with Sweet Paul

I happened to stumble across Sweet Paul Magazine today while I was perusing the blogosphere. And, well, I've found gold, my friends!

Sweet Paul has amazing recipes...

a "No Pain Holiday" guide...

and inspiring gift wrap ideas!

Not to mention so much more!

Be sure to check out the Holiday 2010 issue, and all back issues! You can find Sweet Paul featured on Design*Sponge as well.

If you love Sweet Paul as much as I do, visit their site here and help raise money for a redesign and special issue. There are rewards, contests, and behind-the-scenes opportunities for all contributors!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recipe Boxes

I've never been someone who makes a recipe twice, no matter how delicious it is. I simply am not organized enough, and I don't cook enough to have any "classics". I'm not saying I've never made the exact same turkey sandwich twice, or pasta with some Safeway sauce poured over it a thousand times, but I won't find a recipe, follow it, and take it back out again a month later. Once I make a recipe, I put the piece of paper into my giant kitchen drawer--the one I call the "things I have to file" drawer. It is the catch-all space where important letters, paycheck stubs and recipes go to wilt until I pull out the big file (twice a year). Am I failing? Am I supposed to be more organized than this at 26? I certainly don't think so but it would be nice to pretend like I'm that not-lazy!

A few months ago I searched and searched for a classic recipe box. Do they no longer exist now that we can store all of our favorite recipes through recipe websites, iPhones, etc? I was beginning to think so when I saw the few options available for recipe storage. Anyway, I must've given up because I am yet to have a solution. So today I decided to do a little recipe "round-up" of my own.

"Collected Recipes" Accordian File from Meadowsweet Kitchens

Letterpress recipe cards, 1canoe2's shop at Etsy
Letterpress recipe box tabs, 1canoe2's shop at Etsy

Stainless Recipe Box,

Dahlia recipe cards, vohandmade's shop at Etsy
In Red, too!

Martha Stewart Collection Recipe Box
Cargo Recipe Box,

simple and inexpensive recipe cards, rfrantzdesign's shop at Etsy

Not sure what I'll decide to buy yet- I really like the boxes, but it seems that my rather lazy kitchen organizing skills would be better kept in check with the file folder. I won't have to write out recipes, and I can put my print-outs into the folder without it looking messy.

Have you seen any awesome recipe boxes lately? Do you have your own system? Are you as lazy about recipe organization as I am?