Monday, June 28, 2010

String Lights and other important happenings!

I have officially packed up my winter coats and sweaters, and stowed them away in storage for what (hopefully) promises to be a long summer. We deserve it here in Seattle, considering that it was still cold and rainy last Monday. I'm also hopeful that along with the sun comes some tomatoes on my very tall tomato plants! I have tons of flowers, but no fruit yet. (Why do I feel like that sentence should be a euphemism?) Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers.

I have a burning question I need answered, but first, I must give a few shout-outs to some old college engineering buddies...

1.) Tiff! (Tiffany and I were inseparable my freshman year of college, and roommates my sophomore year...) and she just got engaged! To the wonderful Mr. Henny Weber that I can't wait to meet. Count me in for a trip to Philly for some wedding fun sometime next year!

So many congratulations to both of you!

2.) Ann Marie! Tiff, Ann and I must have been the only 3 girls in Freshman engineering at Purdue that year--but I couldn't have hand picked two finer ladies to take CS classes and Chem with. Do you guys remember all of those dashing young men in our calc classes?? How did we ever pass? Anyway, back to Ann.
She just had baby #2!!! Benjamin (the handsome little man below) was born on June 7th, 2010!

Congrats Ann and Doug!

And I can't leave out the new big sister, Lily! (You guys make some cute babies!)


Stop over and check out Ann's blog White House, Black Shutters. She has done so many amazing projects and renovations in their house, all while being a wife and mommy! She makes me feel horribly lazy sometimes... her blog is one of my favorites!

So congratulations all around!!! If the 3 of us weren't as spread out as we could possibly be, I think there would be lots of jumping up and down and hugging going on!


And now for that really important matter at hand... As you all probably know, I am the most indecisive person in the world. And now that it is summer and time for some lengthy porch-sittin', I would really like some string lights for the porch. These are the ones I've been eyeing for the last year:


nevermind! I just went to find them for you and they're discontinued! So I guess I will be going with the small clear globes, zig-zagging across the roof, like the ones shown on Apartment Therapy's "Best Outdoor String Lights 2010" article.

Wow, what a bust post!

For some reason it is not letting me post any of the pictures from their site, to mine. I'm sure you've all seen what I'm referring to, but if not check the link!

Oh, Monday. You devil you.

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He's really looking adorable. The string light will definitely add that ump to your space.