Tuesday, July 27, 2010

goodwill wall art and my new dresser!

I originally picked these up for the simple frames and matting, and then realized that the colors in the photos are perfect too. Every time I look at these I feel the urge to go sift through the piles of leaning frames in hopes of finding something equally as wonderful. I don't think I'll ever buy frames or framed pictures ever again, there are just too many unique ones available for next to nothing!

$1.99/ea. The colors are perfect!


My new craigslist dresser! The drawers don't pull perfectly, but it serves it's purpose and it's pretty small, which is what I needed. The girl I bought it from even dropped it off! I thought about repainting or staining it, but I really just want to leave it the way it is.

I may be replacing the knobs with either of these:

I think it's perfect!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Green Dresser

I got the dresser along with several other things (including a smaller dresser) for $20 from Josh's cousin before she moved back East. It's definitely not in perfect condition, but it's still pretty darn sturdy. It also smells a bit like turpentine from storing art supplies in it-but like I said, practically free, and still incredibly useful. I forgot to take a picture right when I got it, but this is the dresser once I started sanding. I was going to sand, repair, etc. and try to make it perfect...but then I realized that I would probably knock off a whole heck of a lot of time by just "embracing" it's flaws and leaving it with that rustic-ish look. I did buy a quart of new paint for this, but I just matched the original color because I loved it (and now I'm doubting it). 




I like it with it's imperfections. Mostly because that's what made it so easy, and also because nothing in my room is new or perfect, so it would've stuck out like a sore thumb anyway.

Oh! It doesn't have any knobs yet! So I need your help! I may go to the re-store place and try to find something super cool...but if not, I want to go with one of the following from Anthropologie:

I love these ones, but they're too much of the same color! Maybe I should just repaint the dresser?

Either of these would be great, because they don't really match anything in my room (I can't explain why this is a plus, it just is).

I love love both of these, and in all reality I will probably go with the one on the right - It's simple, and doesn't need to make a loud statement like the previous two. I'm not extremely interested in showcasing this dresser- It's just not my most favorite piece of furniture in my room. 

Who knows, really? I've already though about repainting it several times...and I've got a few ideas that would be great, but that may be time better spent on a non-stinky dresser.

What do you think? Should I repaint? Do you like any of these knobs? The hardware always seems to express what you want the furniture to be, and I'm just not sure what that is yet. 

Yet again, indecision has made my writing atrocious. eeek!

I must be crazy....

I'm not sure why I actually ended up buying this chair. Well, that's not really true...it was the buttons. There are so many buttons, on such a small space. Plus, this chair was only $20 from craigslist, it is in perfect condition, and I got 2 square pillows thrown in for free for taking the chair. They'll definitely need to be re-covered, but they're still perfectly good (ugly) pillows. 

I don't think the pink chair is necessarily complementing my green couch, but someday when I have my perfect apartment with all of the furniture that has survived any forthcoming selling sprees, this chair will be amazing, and I know just how it is going to be. It's actually pretty small and super comfortable! In fact, I might just sit in it tonight when I get home.

I would die for a Kitchenette

One of the most amazing shops in Seattle is Antika, in Greenwood. I could spend days in this place, and I could easily find a reason to buy every single thing in here. Since I was last there (a few months ago), I can't stop thinking about these kitchenettes. I have to have one, and someday, someday I will! I just know it. I think I was in this one corner of the store for nearly an hour... 

my favorite favorite favorite.

I couldn't make up a better place if I tried!
eeeeeeeeee! What do you think?!

Goodwill Duvet and Blanket

Finding linens at Goodwill is one of those silly small things that makes me unbelievably happy. I am a little weary of towels and pillow cases, but other than that there's nothing that a good wash can't make brand new! Especially in the case of curtains, blankets (picnic and beach blankets, too!), place mats, etc.

Here is one of my favorite linen finds, a new duvet (un-stuffed, it's summer!):

The duvet cover cost me $6.99, as did the blanket (pictured below). Nobody seems to think this blanket is quite as marvelous as I do, but it seems pretty thriftpologie to me! I LOVE it. The color is perfect, too. I call this color "old dirty pink". Josh insists that it is peach-which it absolutely is NOT. Just to clear that up. In my head, "old dirty pink" has a hint of a peach-ish/orangish/not-easter-eggish (thank goodness). That is the best I can describe it. Any suggestions? Do you know the color I'm talking about?

And if you don't like the pink color, or if you just need an additional bit of awesomeness...it's reversible!!

this picture is the truest in color  (FYI)

What do you think about linens from Goodwill? And what do you think about these in particular? I love them!

Josh's Man(ish) Stand

         The chances of Josh and I ever actually living together are probably slim to none...but I always tell him that if we do, he can have a man-room. A little space that he can litter with beer bottles and Marx books, and I can decorate and ignore.
I picture his man-room like this workstead sneak peek for Design*Sponge.

(am I allowed to put a picture from d*s here?) I don't want to make anyone mad!

(a much smaller version for us, of course)

But for now, I decided that he needed a nightstand and that I would make it a nice, kind of manly place for him to empty his pockets at night (as opposed to the floor).

This now-nightstand has been a plant stand on my porch for almost a year. A friend of mine who moved to New York hooked me up with this apartment and left this little table he had thrown together and didn't want to haul across the country:


(a bit beat up)


I really love the way this turned out. It took me like 10 minutes to stain, and I used a dark cherry stain I already had. The wood literally soaked it up like a sponge, and had some really perfect  knicks/discoloration from being out on my porch for so long. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to! What do you think?