Monday, October 4, 2010

Discovery Park, nearly a year ago

I took this picture in early August of last year at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA. I love a lot of the pictures I took that day, but this one has never really caught my eye--until now. I was perusing my flickr account earlier today and realized how much I like this one. The right side of the picture, I think, is hard not to look at because of the intensity of the sun, the deep blue of the water, and the shadows cast by the dark piece of wood on the right. But I really like the layers on the left edge of this picture. The mountains look like this on almost any clear day here, and I always say it reminds me of construction paper cutouts. The edges are so raw and detailed, but the rest of the mountains seem to lose dimension. Don't they look like 2D paper cutouts?

What do you think of this picture? Is it a completely boring scenery picture with the cliche silhouetted person/dog? Be honest!

I'm going to try to post a few pictures a week. It gives me a chance to better evaluate pictures I've taken, and refreshes some of the ones I haven't seen in awhile. It also lets me hear your opinion!


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