Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All the Leaves are Brown-ish

I love fall clothes, and I have been very, very...I mean, painstakingly good the last 6 months about buying clothes. But Fall clothes have always been my weakness. So, I've decided to go about this in a different way this year. Instead of running out and buying everything I love, I'm going to try to pretend there is some sort of order and style here, make sure I have all of the necessary staples, and buy versatile items that can be worn with lots of different things.

So, here are my ideas/inspirations for fall this year:

What do you think? Which ones are your favorites? Of course I'm not going to buy everything here, but I'll probably buy a few things, and look for similar (less expensive) other items...

Yay for Fall! I can't wait!

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