Saturday, September 10, 2011

La Chair Feminina

Normally I like my chairs pretty masculine, see below.

LOVE this look.

But, I found 2 chairs awhile back on craigslist and thought they would be a fun project...

(I owe you a before picture here)

They sat in my closet for.... 9 months? a year? And again, Josh is out of town, and I'm bored so I'm finishing projects. Also, I could really use the closet space that these suckers were taking up.

After I brought them home I couldn't help but see the Scream face in the chair back, and it really turned me off to ever wanting to do anything creative with this set. I mean, how could you not see it?

seriously? It's like it was intentional..
Also, the front left leg is unfinished (gasp!). I ran out of paint and don't have a car, and it was getting dark, etc. etc. But I will finish.

Well, I was just going to re-list them on craigslist, but I decided that I might as well try to better them--and well, if that didn't work I could always still sell them.

So I painted them (I'm on a white kick, have you noticed?). And re-upholstered the seat with this amazing yellow linen that I was really scared to use (simply because I love it so much!). I originally wanted to stain them, but the lacquer-ish stuff was so thick that the sanding seemed simply daunting.

What do you think? I need to do the second chair, and I may make a little sitting area...but I'm worried that the femininity these chairs have brought to the room may be a bit much. We'll see.

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Micah and Catherine said...

Looks great. I have a chair I want to paint but I just can't bring myself to do it.