Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oh, how lucky i am!

Remember that really super amazing craigslist find I promised I'd post? Well, here it is:
(here is my "horrible picture" disclaimer, along with the "this is a before picture" disclaimer)
ta da!

It is a headboard from a real wrought iron bed frame. These victorian style frames were almost always shaped by hand, and in general no two are alike. Iron beds were very popular until World War I, when the iron was needed for the war efforts and beds were no longer made--or were melted down. I can barely lift this by myself, and I like to think I've got some spinach-fed guns.

I can't wait to refinish this. I thought about stripping the white paint first to see what was underneath, but the man I bought it from assured me it was nothing to write home about (but then again, he did sell this for $40). Anyway, it will definitely get painted...but should I paint it black? The only reason I hesitate to do that is because I absolutely don't want it to end up looking like one of the "iron" (steel) beds you can get anywhere. So, I'm thinking yellow...kind of a pale-ish/bright-ish yellow, that will give my new thriftpologie bedroom the colorful pop I'm worried it's already lost. 

Any thoughts?
on the frame? or the use of my new word, thriftpologie?

ps My sincerest apologies for the rambling. Indecision makes my speech formulation atrocious. 


AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

that's an AMAZING find! and I love the idea of pale yellow. great new word, haha, I will be using that in the future!

ashley said...

Thanks, Anne! I think I'm pretty set on the yellow, now I just have to find the right shade. Glossy? or Matte? or eggshell? Decisions, decisions!

Abby said...

Matte pale yellow - with a grey bedspread...

My favorite color combo right now is light grey & yellow!

M and C said...

I like glossy especially if you are going with simple colors and patterns. :)