Thursday, September 2, 2010

New and Oh-So-Exciting Inspiration

The other day I was perusing the blogosphere, and came across this Jones Design Company blog. First, I must express my surprise as to how long it has taken me to stumble upon this blog. I feel as if I spend plenty (too much) time reading design blogs, yet I somehow only just found this site!
 Post after post after post, I love everything! 

I've been brainstorming since the day I moved in my apartment for a way to cover my wood paneling without damaging it (that's a big no-no in my lease). I kept thinking fabric over canvas? Maybe... but I wanted something interesting, yet very neutral. I had an epiphany one day, and thought "Book pages! Better yet, Thesaurus pages!" Then, I thought of all the people who may hate me for murdering a perfectly good Thesaurus... but that guilty feeling passed quickly.
Anyway, it's been on my to-do list, so imagine my surprise when I came across this post on Jones Design Company blog.
"Noooooooo way!! and a bird?!"

"5 Days of Favorite Projects",  Jones Design Company

"5 Days of Favorite Projects",  Jones Design Company

Emily (Jones Design Company) and I, are SO on the same page... Or at least I'm trying to be on her page.

She has an easy ruffle pillow tutorial...

And puts these flowers all over her children!

"5 Days of Favorite Projects",  Jones Design Company

I'm stopping now before I copy and link to her entire blog, but you should absolutely check it out. Do I sound like I'm in love with her? I can't help it, she's so inspiring! It probably helps that she's a Seattlite with red hair, too. Maybe she needs an apprentice...or fabric folder or something.

Oh! And we've missed it for this month, but make sure to check out her monthly giveaways. 

Judging by September, you won't want to miss October!

September giveaway!

Oh! and (last thing) check out her daughter's room!

What do you guys think? 


Abby said...

You are awesome. Seriously.

I love the pages tore out with the bird painted!! What a clever idea.

Let's quit life and start designing together! :)

Miss your pretty face!

ashley said...

I told my parents I was moving to Nashville, and they said "Why Nashville?" and I said "Because Abby and I are going to design together..she designs for Shoney's now" Mom: "Ohh! Shoney's!"
(design AND cowboys, marvelous)

Just so you know, I had the same idea of doing the book pages, but these are actually pictures from Jones Design Company blog and the bird idea is all hers. Did you check out her site? I love it, and she does some really awesome projects!

Maybe we should have craft night via Skype! ohhh fun fun!