Monday, July 26, 2010

My Green Dresser

I got the dresser along with several other things (including a smaller dresser) for $20 from Josh's cousin before she moved back East. It's definitely not in perfect condition, but it's still pretty darn sturdy. It also smells a bit like turpentine from storing art supplies in it-but like I said, practically free, and still incredibly useful. I forgot to take a picture right when I got it, but this is the dresser once I started sanding. I was going to sand, repair, etc. and try to make it perfect...but then I realized that I would probably knock off a whole heck of a lot of time by just "embracing" it's flaws and leaving it with that rustic-ish look. I did buy a quart of new paint for this, but I just matched the original color because I loved it (and now I'm doubting it). 




I like it with it's imperfections. Mostly because that's what made it so easy, and also because nothing in my room is new or perfect, so it would've stuck out like a sore thumb anyway.

Oh! It doesn't have any knobs yet! So I need your help! I may go to the re-store place and try to find something super cool...but if not, I want to go with one of the following from Anthropologie:

I love these ones, but they're too much of the same color! Maybe I should just repaint the dresser?

Either of these would be great, because they don't really match anything in my room (I can't explain why this is a plus, it just is).

I love love both of these, and in all reality I will probably go with the one on the right - It's simple, and doesn't need to make a loud statement like the previous two. I'm not extremely interested in showcasing this dresser- It's just not my most favorite piece of furniture in my room. 

Who knows, really? I've already though about repainting it several times...and I've got a few ideas that would be great, but that may be time better spent on a non-stinky dresser.

What do you think? Should I repaint? Do you like any of these knobs? The hardware always seems to express what you want the furniture to be, and I'm just not sure what that is yet. 

Yet again, indecision has made my writing atrocious. eeek!


M and C said...

I like the colors and the knobs. I'm sure you know this already, but Anthroplogie puts knobs on clearance pretty regularly. I got some for $2 each that usually got for about $18. I check in once a week on my way home.

ashley said...

Actually, I had no idea! If you're ever in and see them on clearance will you let me know? Hope your AC is delightful, see you tonight!