Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodwill Duvet and Blanket

Finding linens at Goodwill is one of those silly small things that makes me unbelievably happy. I am a little weary of towels and pillow cases, but other than that there's nothing that a good wash can't make brand new! Especially in the case of curtains, blankets (picnic and beach blankets, too!), place mats, etc.

Here is one of my favorite linen finds, a new duvet (un-stuffed, it's summer!):

The duvet cover cost me $6.99, as did the blanket (pictured below). Nobody seems to think this blanket is quite as marvelous as I do, but it seems pretty thriftpologie to me! I LOVE it. The color is perfect, too. I call this color "old dirty pink". Josh insists that it is peach-which it absolutely is NOT. Just to clear that up. In my head, "old dirty pink" has a hint of a peach-ish/orangish/not-easter-eggish (thank goodness). That is the best I can describe it. Any suggestions? Do you know the color I'm talking about?

And if you don't like the pink color, or if you just need an additional bit of's reversible!!

this picture is the truest in color  (FYI)

What do you think about linens from Goodwill? And what do you think about these in particular? I love them!

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